Vehicle Servicing

Same-day servicing – All makes and models!

Keeping your car regularly maintained is the best way of making sure it’s safe, fuel efficient and performing at its best.

No matter what age, make or model your vehicle is, APC’s expert team will ensure it is back on the road as soon as possible, with a new lease on life.

Whether you’re an everyday car owner or corporate fleet manager, APC has a service to suit you.

Manufacturer’s Logbook Servicing

As you probably know, you need to keep your logbook up to date to the manufacturer’s specifications to stay on warranty.

But did you know that you don’t have to go through your dealership?

Logbook servicing with APC will save you a significant sum compared to the dealership. We use only warranty-approved parts and oils, and we don’t just follow the manufacturer’s checklist – we go into much greater detail at no extra cost, just to be sure.

Please see the Service Checks section below for a full list of what we check.

APC Scheduled Servicing

If your vehicle has past its warranty, regular servicing is the most effective way of keeping it running well for longer.

APC’s specialist servicing team have decades experience conducting both major and minor servicing on all types of vehicles, from family sedans and light trucks to performance cars and classics.

Please see the Service Checks section below for a full list of what we check.

Our Service Checks

Road test before and after service to check:

    • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Brakes
    • Steering
    • Suspension

Inspect operation of:

    • Seatbelts
    • Lights
    • Washers
    • Horn
    • Indicator switch
    • Air conditioning
    • Inspect and lube all locks and hinges
  • Inspect and inflate tyres (including spare)
  • Inspect battery (levels, security, clean terminals)
  • Inspect air filter
  • Inspect and adjust drive belts
  • Inspect cooling system (levels, hoses, leaks)
  • Inspect under body (security, leaks)
  • Inspect exhaust
  • Inspect steering, suspension, engine mounts
  • Inspect brake pads and disks (front and rear)
  • Inspect power steering hoses (leaks and condition)
  • Inspect CVs and drive shafts (joints, boots, leaks, damage)
  • Reset service lights
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